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This is the schedule that resulted from KinkForAll San Francisco 2. It's not a future plan, but rather an archive of the past day's events. Use it to browse media from presentations you may have missed. You can also export and download this schedule.


Schedule Grid



 Turing Classroom Back Room (Projector and Livestream)
10:20 AM10:40 AM None. Opening Essential Communications - Alisa
10:40 AM11:00 AM   Orthodoxy as Kink: Religious, Political, Sexual, etc - Carter
11:00 AM11:20 AM   Quickies! - Genevieve
11:20 AM11:40 AM Intention and Connection - Mark Everyday Erotic(a) - Dakota
11:40 AM12:00 PM   Open Space Technology, and Kink - James
12:00 PM12:20 PM   Data Privacy and Social Networks - Alisa
12:20 PM12:40 PM   Hacking for Sex Education - Carina (session links are on pin board)
12:40 PM1:40 PM LUNCH
1:40 PM2:00 PM "Am I Queer (Enough)?" A Discussion (video) - Kitten Karlyle It's a trap! FetLife and (Zero) Privacy (livestream highlight) (code) (transcript) - maymay
2:00 PM2:20 PM Touch Starvation (video) - maymay and Rebecca C. SexInfoSearch: (beta) search engine demo for finding info that doesn't suck - Carina
2:20 PM2:40 PM Help Me Rethink Poly 101, a roundtable discussion (video) (transcript) - facilitated by Rebecca C. Communities Based on Exclusion (full essay) (raw notes) - Susan Werner
2:40 PM3:00 PM D/s and Power Dynamics in Relationships - Rebecca  
3:00 PM3:20 PM   San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) - ???
3:20 PM3:40 PM   Designing Experience: Ritual, Event, etc. - Alisa
3:40 PM4:00 PM   The 3 Circle Model of Activism - Erica
4:00 PM4:20 PM None. Closing Essential Communications - Alisa
4:20 PM4:40 PM CLEAN UP


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