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This page includes a list of useful things that KinkForAllSanFrancisco2 participants have that could help fulfill some of the event's stated technical and logistical needs. If you're planning to attend (or can lend the event some stuff anyway), please add your stuff and your name to the list! Please also leave contact details if you've not listed yourself on the pre-registration page.



Equipment List


Stuff that can help the event itself "go."


Electrical power


  • […replace this with whatever electrical equipment you have, such as power strips, extension cords, etc.…]




  • Projector




  • Location has wifi


Miscellaneous Items


  • […replace this with any other items you have that could help the event, such as sticky notes, large paper, pens, markers, stickers, flyers, etc…]


Human needs


Stuff that can help the people at the event not stop.


  • […replace this with any items you're bringing to sustain people, such as food, coffee, water, etc…. ]


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