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This is the page for the 3rd Washington, DC KinkForAll!


This KinkForAll is tentatively scheduled for September 2011. We're still looking for a location.


Getting involved in KinkForAll Washington DC 3 is as easy as:


  1. signing up in the table below,
  2. reaching out to your friends and allies in other communities and telling them about KinkForAll Washington DC 3,
  3. showing up!


Read through WhatToExpect to learn more about what a KinkForAll event is like, or watch some videos from past events!


KinkForAll Washington DC 3 — Pre-registration Signup


To participate, press the "Edit" link at the top of this page and add your name as a new row to this table. (If a blank row is not available, place your cursor in the bottom-right most cell and press TAB. Watch a 2 minute video tutorial.) When you're done, be certain to join the mailing list and introduce yourself.


No.Name (or Pseudonym)Homepage/URLEmailParticipation (Unorganize, Attend, Present, Help Out?)Presentation Topic/Interests (get inspired!)
1. Your name goes here. http://example.com/ you@example.com Choose one or more of: Unorganize, attend, present, help out Your presentation topic goes here.

-- Add your name above this line. --


Additional (optional) places to make your interest known


Invite your friends from across the Internet on any of these additional event pages. Creating an event listing? Please make sure it links back to this page!


  • Event pages on the way!


Needs list


Support equipment is still in the process of being organized. Currently, we have need (or want) of the items on the following list. If you are already planning to bring things please list them on the KinkForAllWashingtonDC3Inventory page.


  • Video and audio recording equipment. Laptops are helpful here, and bring still cameras, too!
  • Butcher paper or other large paper on which to create a schedule grid.
  • Food and drinks to share
  • More to come 


Location and Directions


We still need a location, so details (with public transit, walking, and driving directions) will follow soon!


Map of the area


Also coming soon!


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