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KinkForAll Providence 2

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Thank you and followups!


KinkForAll Providence 2 is over, but this page and its related pages will continue to evolve. Some things to do now are:


  • Upload your photos, slideshows, videos, and other media to the Internet, and write blog posts (don't forget to tag all of these with both KinkForAll and KFAPVD2).
  • View the event's resulting schedule grid and use it to browse through the available media from the presentations you may have missed.



KinkForAll Providence 2 is a full day of sexuality discussions and presentations created by you, the event participants. Oh yeah, and it'stotally free.



KinkForAll Providence 2 is currently being planned for March 19th at Brown University, sponsored by SHEEC, the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council. The event will be held in Smith-Buonanno Hall (95 Cushing St., Providence, RI 02906) from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM and will take place in Floors 1 and 2.


Getting involved in KinkForAll Providence 2 is as easy as:


  1. signing up in the table below,
  2. reaching out to your friends and allies in other communities and telling them about KinkForAll Providence 2,
  3. showing up! (Can't show up? Follow along online via the KFAPVD2 live stream.)


Read through WhatToExpect to learn more about what a KinkForAll event is like, or watch some videos from past events!


KinkForAll Providence 2 — Pre-registration Signup


To participate, press the "Edit" link at the top of this page and add your name as a new row to this table. (If a blank row is not available, place your cursor in the bottom-right most cell and press TAB. Watch a 2 minute video tutorial.) When you're done, be certain to join the mailing list and introduce yourself.


No. Name (or Pseudonym) Homepage/URL Email Participation (Unorganize, Attend, Present, Help Out?) Presentation Topic/Interests (get inspired!)
1. Aida Manduley



aida.manduley (gmail) Unorganize, present  No idea yet! Something awesome.
Sara Eileen
saraeileen @ gmail . com
Attend, unorganize onsite if needed, help out, all that good stuff
Furthering the political standing of kink through art (maybe)
3.  maymay  http://maybemaimed.com/  bitetheappleback AT gmail  Present FetLife Considered Harmful: The Risks of Sex Ghettoization










5.  Zac  http://loadrated.com  zacmakes at gmail  Unorganize, present  TBD 
6.  Adam M.
Unorganize, Present
TBD - Possibly "Bondage 101," and/or "Appropriate Touch: Boundaries in Minority Sexuality Environments"
7.  ginger  http://gingerbigendered.tumblr.com mike.gleba at gmail  attend  Either something or nothing. Haven't decided yet. 
8.  Emma  http://followsthesun.com  heliotrope@followsthesun.com  attend, unorganize, present  TBD, possibly: "Forget about The Mood: Better sex through over-sharing" 


10.  Quill
k h a y a n k h at gmail  
attend, unorganize
12. Em
  toad_stroganoff at yahoo
attend, unorganize, possibly present
unsure/TBD- Possibly "Defending Sexual Art" or a discussion about the articulating your kinks in a "vanilla" vs. "kinky" setting.  Possibly will just attend and help out?
13. Zoya
attend, present
TBD - probably a discussion "Just Like a Woman: Queer Culture and Femininity"
14. Adrian
IsaacSapphire at gmail
attend, present, bring hot water and tea
TBD -  Likely something about how being an outlier doesn't make you not a "real" man, woman, or small furry creature from alpha centuri

-- Add your name above this line. (When editing, if you need a row, click on Table > Row > Insert Row) --


Additional (optional) places to make your interest known


Invite your friends from across the Internet on any of these additional event pages. Creating an event page? Please make sure it links back here!


Needs list


Support equipment is still in the process of being organized. Currently, we have need (or want) of the items on the following list. If you are already planning to bring things please list them on the KinkForAll Providence 2 Inventory page.


  • Apple-brand DVI-to-VGA adapters
  • Cameras, computers, and other recording devices 
  • Blank paper 
  • Blank name-tags
  • Bottled water
  • Food of various kinds! (and remember the vegetarians, please) 


Location and Directions


KinkForAll Providence will be hosted on the campus of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. We have the first and second floors of Smith-Buonanno Hall at our disposal (Rooms 101, 106, 201, 206, and 207, plus the lobby spaces numbered 105 and 107). The building is handicapped accessible, but if you believe you will need special accommodations of any sort, please contact Aida Manduley (brownsheec@gmail.com) as soon as possible.


Public Transportation


Brown University's Smith-Buonanno Hall is easily accessible via various public transit options:


Within Rhode Island


The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority buses are your best bet.


  1. Take a bus to the Tunnel & Thayer stop (e.g. 42 - Hope Street bus or 92 - East Side trolley).
  2. Heard north on Thayer St. toward Waterman St.
  3. Turn left at Waterman St.
  4. Turn right at Brown St.
  5. Turn right at Cushing St. 
  6. You've arrived! The building should be in front of you, or a bit off to your right. 


From Boston


There is a low-cost commuter rail from Boston's South Station running a Providence/Stoughton Line that puts you at the Providence Amtrak Station. From there, it's a short walk, taxi, or bus ride to our venue. 




Street parking is generally available in the area around Brown University. The University also provides parking permits for visitors based on availability. See the Brown University Parking information pages for details. 


Map of the area


View Larger Map

(The map shows "84 Cushing St., but it's the best approximate map for the Smith-Buonanno building. Google Maps shows 95 Cushing St. as located somewhere else! The correct location is shown on Google Maps here.)


Internet Access


Brown University is able to provide pre-registered participants with free Wi-Fi Internet access during KinkForAll Providence. The last day to apply for a GuestID and access is March 14th. If you want to use the University's free wireless Internet service, please email brownsheec@gmail.com with the following information:


  • Legal full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number


An individual username and password will be emailed to you before the event (or handed to you on a piece of paper at the event, depending on when you registered), allowing you to log on to the University's Wi-Fi network. 


We're working to provide some open Internet access for those who do not pre-register or who are not comfortable giving this information. We hope that everyone will have at least some Wi-Fi, but if you know in advance that you will be attending, would like to use the Internet, and are able to give the required information, we urge you to do so. Rest assured, that information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be known by Aida Manduley and the Brown administrator in charge of issuing the Guest-IDs. That said, please do still sign up on the registration table above, using whatever information you feel comfortable posting.


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