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This page is a drafting space for content intended for journalists and reporters who are interested in writing about KinkForAll unconferences. A static version of this content is available on the KinkForAll.org Press Center.




KinkForAll is not like a traditional conference. Every event encourages the local community to participate, both by attending and by speaking at the event itself. There are no attendance requirements, neither monetary or credentialed; they are free events, open to the public. Further, participants are encouraged to document their experience through video and audio recording, or writing, while respecting the wishes of fellow participants who may not wish to be included in certain recordings or photographs.


KinkForAll should be described, depending on the context, as a "community-based education initiative," or a "free sexuality conference."


KinkForAll participants should be described, unless otherwise specified and depending on context, as "community members," a "group of sexual education and health advocates," or, especially in political contexts, "sexual freedom activists." Contributors not otherwise noted should be described as "participating in" the event(s).


KinkForAll events should be described as having been "produced by" participants.

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