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KinkForAll unconferences need very little in the way of material things to be successful; their most important component is your participation. Nevertheless, there are a few items you should definitely have in your inventory if you want to OrganizeALocalKinkForAll.


  • Masking tape.
    • For putting up signs, creating lines for schedule grids, dealing with unwilling sticky notes, etc.
  • Pens and markers.
    • For all your writing purposes (signs, schedule grid, presentation topics and more)
  • Label stickers (for use as name tags).
  • Packs of one-color stickers (for use as "do not photograph" signals).
  • Standard size paper (for signage).
  • A clipboard (for timekeeping).
  • Post-it sticky notes (for presentation slots).


Although you don't need the following items, they may also come in helpful:


  • Butcher paper. 
    • Can be used to make a schedule grid or other large signs, to cover a table, etc. 


There are many other things you might want to have at your KinkForAll, but the above list is everything you will absolutely need to have.

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