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Thank you and followups!


KinkForAll Washington DC 2 is over, but this page and its related pages will continue to evolve. As media comes online, it'll be linked from KinkForAll Washington DC 2 Schedule page so you can watch videos of sessions you missed and refer back to them for notes. Although the event itself is over, this is just the beginning. Some things to do now are:


  • Upload your photos, slideshows, videos, and other media to the Internet, and write blog posts (don't forget to tag all of these with KFADC2 and KinkForAll).
  • View the event's resulting schedule grid and use it to browse through the available media from the presentations you may have missed.
  • Start thinking about what you're going to do for KinkForAllWashingtonDC3 or help out with KinkForAllNewYorkCity3!


KinkForAll Washington DC 2 is a free conference about the intersection of sexuality with the rest of life. There's no agenda except the one you bring.


Read about WhatToExpect to learn more about what a KinkForAll unconference is like, or watch some videos from past events!


Event details:



Consider meeting the folks who are planning to participate before the event by joining the KinkForAll mailing list and telling us about yourself! Getting involved in KinkForAll Washington DC 2 is as easy as:


  1. signing up in the table below,
  2. reaching out to your friends and allies in other communities and telling them about KinkForAll Washington DC 2 (here are blog posts you can reblog, and here are flyers you can distribute),
  3. showing up! (Add KinkForAll Washington DC 2 to your calendar.)


KinkForAllLocation — Pre-registration Signup


To participate, press the "Edit" link at the top of this page and add your name as a new row to this table. (If a blank row is not available, place your cursor in the bottom-right most cell and press TAB. Watch a 2 minute video tutorial.) When you're done, be certain to join the mailing list and introduce yourself.


No.Name (or Pseudonym)Homepage/URLEmailParticipation (Unorganize, Attend, Present, Help Out?)Presentation Topic
1. Molly Ren http://molly-ren.tumblr.com missmollyren@gmail.com Unorganize, attend, present, help out Something about kissing.
2. NikolasCo   atrus@atrus.org Unorganize, attend, present, help out TBD
3. DDog


abhorsen.in.waiting.com Unorganize, attend, present, help out TBD
4. bigolpoofter  http://www.gmhs2012.org  bigolpoofter@alumni.rice.edu  attend, present, help out  SW+:  Sex While [HIV]-Positive and why select criminalization should matter to you
5. Marcus  http://marcusteaches.blogspot.com  marcusmarkus@gmail.com  attend, present, help out   everyone reading this: tell me what YOU would like me to present (see my site, then email me...) i'll present whatever gets the most "votes" 
6. Ai http://littleblackdress.livejournal.com  littleblackdress@siniful.com  Unorganize, attend, help out, water TBD
Jack Stratton
Unorganize, attend, present
Taboo erotica: Delving deeper into why we write it, why people read it, why it is hot.
8.  Maymay  http://maybemaimed.com/  bitetheappleback PLUS kinkforall AT gmail  Help out, present?  "Sex Is Open Source Nature: How to open source your ideas so others can make them better"
9.  Kelly 



(Contact me via FetLife or Twitter)  Attend, help out   




olorwen at gmail dot com
Attend, present, help out



Daniel  http://fetlife.com/hedonistinva  novahedonist at gmail dot com  Attend, present, help out 


12. Sarah Sloane http://www.sarahsloane.net sarah.sloane at gmail.com Attend, present, help out Options: Monogamy as a Conscious Choice; Subversive Language for Everyone; Choosing To Be "Out"; The New Polyamory: Undefining Your Relationships.
13. Anita Wagner









Attend and


Compersion, a/k/a the Opposite of Jealousy: Finding Your Inner Compervert;

others TBD 

14. Lauren   http://feedeeworld.wordpress.com FeedeeBlog@gmail.com Attend, present?, help out TBD 
15. Emma  http://followsthesun.com  heliotrope@followsthesun.com 

Attend, present, help out 

Sexyfun Time with Google Apps 
16. Sera
Attend, present, help out
17. Lia Sphere
attend, present, help out
18. Carla    downeastgirl@live.com  attend, help out   




xmechbeyond@gmail.com  attend, present, help out  TBD- any suggestions?
20. Keely Reine
shadowfaerie at gmail dot com
attend, participate, help out
21. Melinda  http://fetlife.com/thatmelinda
please contact via fetlife     
22. Amanda Hess
attend, help out
23. figleaf
attend till I have to leave for the airport.  Present if I find inspiration.
24. Mara
  attending, helping out, maybe presenting?
Living in Sub Space, discussion
25. Evan
26. Justin    digitaltrickster@gmail.com  TBD, presenting  Untitled - possibly OpSec for Kinksters 

-- Add your name above this line. --


Additional (optional) places to make your interest known



Needs list


Support equipment is continuously in the process of being organized. Currently, we have need (or want) of the items on the following list. If you are already planning to bring things please list them on the KinkForAllWashingtonDC2Inventory page.



Location and Directions


KinkForAll Washington DC 2 will take place at The Metro DC GLBT Community Center at 1810 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009.


The Center is near the intersection of 14th Street with S Street. It's about three blocks from the U St Metro Station's 13th Street exit.




There are 2 public parking garages within walking distance to the unconference venue:



Public transit


The nearest public transit is the U Street/African American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Station, about a 5 minute walk from the unconference venue. To get to the Center from there, follow these walking directions:


  1. Take the 13th Street exit, 
  2. Head south on 12th St NW toward T St NW for about 1 block
  3. Turn right at T St NW and walk 2 blocks
  4. Turn left at 14th St NW and walk less than 1 block
  5. Arrive!


Map of the area


View Larger Map



Detailed accounting information is available.



Comments (6)

maymay said

at 9:26 pm on Feb 17, 2010

How much money have you raised so far? Where can I see the donors? They will deserve many thanks! :)

Molly_Ren said

at 3:46 pm on Feb 19, 2010

You'll have to ask Nik that--he set up the donate button. :)

maymay said

at 4:20 am on Feb 20, 2010

Information about funding and financial transparency was provided on the mailing list. Check out this thread for details:


maymay said

at 2:22 pm on Apr 23, 2010

Hmm. The column caption is "URL," in singular form, and multiple URLs make it increasingly difficult to detect spam. Are that many web addresses really necessary, Anita? From what I know of it, I really love your work, but stuffing URLs into a "homepage" column strikes me as unnecessary and pushy.

maymay said

at 5:33 pm on May 29, 2010

I've removed the item "A way to indicate our presenters' time is up (last KFADC we used a toy xylophone!)" from the needs list because I think a timekeeper's voice will accomplish this goal just fine. :)

maymay said

at 10:14 pm on Jun 10, 2010

I noticed some weird linking in the URL column; it looks like edits to Anita's entry got a little mangled. I've cleaned it up. Anita, let me know if I got something wrong in your row of the table. I think it all works; if I broke a link it was an accident. :) Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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