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What should you expect when attending a KinkForAll? Here are a few tips.


KinkForAll is fast-paced, ad-hoc and extremely social. We create an eager intellectual environment where people can exchange ideas and get excited.


KinkForAll runs 20 minute presentations back to back throughout the event, with no down time between presentations. (Why only 20 minutes?) We run as many presentations simultaneously as the event space will allow. (We do break for lunch. Don't worry.)


Presentations are scheduled on the day of the event only. Anyone who wishes to present is welcome to one 20 minute slot. We do not pre-schedule or reserve presentation spaces or solicit special speakers. Prepare in advance (if you want to), but come early to get a slot on the wall. The people present at the event will select the presentations they want to see.


Every person who attends a KinkForAll event is expected to participate. Attendees must give a talk or a presentation, help with one, or otherwise contribute in some way to support the event. (Read more about HowToParticipate.)


Your presentation can be whatever you like, as long as it fits in 20 minutes and your topic relates to the intersection of sexuality and life. Presentations do not have to be intellectual. They do not have to be a skillshare. They do not have to be a demo. You can tell a story, share a project, read a poem, or simply facilitate a topical discussion.




  • Get started - Following the HowToParticipate guidelines, create an account on this wiki and join the KinkForAll mailing list.
  • Pre-register on the wiki - There's a signup page for your local event. Put your name or pseudonym in the sign up table to give unorganizers an idea as to how many people are coming. (Watch a video tutorial showing how to do this.)
  • Come early, but not too early - Showing up at the announced starting time will be fine. Show up earlier and you'll get drafted for setup work (much appreciated!). Show up later and you'll miss some social activity.
  • Be ready to participate - Come with an idea for a session you can lead. You don't have to be an expert at your topic; as long as it's not too specific, there'll probably be someone else present who can help you out. (Learn about HowToGiveGreatKinkForAllPresentations.) You can also contribute to the conversation during a session. This is a great way to participate, since it spreads knowledge from everyone instead of just the leader.
  • Bring: yourself and, if you want to, any items that appear in the Needs list under the pre-registration table you signed up on. You're also welcome to bring other items that might be useful to you as well, such as a laptop, props or equipment for your presentation (just to show, since there is no sex at KinkForAll events), or a relevant book, magazine, or other literature. There are often many Wi-Fi Internet hotspots provided so you can browse around and look into everything you've learned, as well as spontaneous book swaps.


Read more about HowToParticipate.


The Event


When you arrive, go to the pre-registration table, where you can make or claim your name tag (and sometimes T-shirt). Make your way into the eatery, where you may find breakfast (if organizers or other participants have brought some to share) and lots of people to socialize with. People who intend to lead a session will add their session info to an empty ScheduleGrid. (Sessions may be moved around early on.)


We start by gathering together in one space where we can briefly go over EssentialCommunications (event-specific details you need to know to have a successful event), and then going around the room to introduce ourselves with 3 words each to describe what we're passionate about (or want to talk about). There may also be some other announcements. Immediately after this the first presentation slots will begin, so if you see a session you're interested in, go to it.


After a couple of sessions, you will have a significant amount of downtime for lunch (also noted on the schedule grid). Feel free to socialize while or after you eat in any of the social spaces (if available) or outside—there is no re-entry fee or other barrier so you may come and go at any time as you wish. Following lunch, more announcements may be made and any newly proposed sessions will be announced. Again, if you see a session you're interested in, go to it.


After the sessions are finished, we once again gather together for a final debriefing where wrap-up announcements may be made. Please stick around after this to help clean up. It's generally as simple as throwing trash away and taking down signs, but all the help is appreciated.


If you brought equipment of any kind, find an "unorganizer" (a coordinator at the event) and ask where it's most needed. (Learn more about TheRulesOfKinkForAll to become familiar with what unorganizers are likely to need help with.)

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