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Here are some guidelines for using this wiki. Naturally, feel free to edit and improve anything here.





The KinkForAll Wiki is used to collaboratively plan each KinkForAll. Typically, each location has its own wiki homepage and a number of related pages (e.g., groups of subpages).


Using the Wiki


Here are some tips for keeping our community wiki organized and useful for everyone. The only rule is to use the KinkForAll wiki for KinkForAll.




  • Each location should have a homepage. The page name should be in the form of KinkForAllLocation. (Replace "Location" with the location of your local KinkForAll event.)
  • For multiple events happening at the same location, wiki homepages should be numbered with Roman Numerals. One of the events would be KinkForAllLocationI, the second KinkForAllLocationII, the eight KinkForAllLocationVIII and so on.
  • For recurring events, append a decimal counter to the event page name. The first time a KinkForAll runs might be KinkForAllLocation1 (or just KinkForAllLocation) and the second time it would be KinkForAllLocation2, the eighth time KinkForAllLocation8 and so on.
  • Don't use spaces in page names. Note the lack of spaces in the above page names. (Spaces make it harder for automated processing tools to do their work here.)
  • If you need multiple pages for your event, start them all with the base page name. For example, if there's a page for sponsors for KinkForAllNewYorkCity it might be called KinkForAllNewYorkCitySponsors instead of "New York City Sponsors" or, even worse, just "Sponsors." A name like "Sponsors" should be used only for a page that applies to all KinkForAlls.




You can assign tags to pages that are similar to one another in order to create sets of pages that are more easily navigable. We use specific PageTags for specific purposes. For example, each wiki homepage should include the event tag.


Typical content areas


Most KinkForAlls are inspired by one that came before, copying the template of previous events. Here are suggestions for common useful content areas to put on a KinkForAll event's wiki homepage:


  • A brief description with links to event sites.
  • Who, what, when, where (with directions and a map, please!), and why
  • Participants table, including:
    • Hosts
    • Planners
    • Attendees
    • Proposed sessions and topics
  • Needs/task list
  • Individual's travel/accommodation needs (obviously, be certain to include contact information in the participants table!)
  • External coverage ("who's talking about us?")
  • Sponsors, if any
  • Donation encouragement, if needed
  • Notes


Generic templates you can copy and edit


Here are some generic pages that you can copy from. You can also start new pages using these pages as templates. (Learn more about how to use templates.) They're intended to give you a starting point for creating your own wiki pages, but sometimes need some grooming. Nevertheless, they should provide enough runway if you're organizing a local KinkForAll.



Gardening the wiki


A wiki is like a community garden. Check out the EditMe page for ideas on how you can pitch in 'round here!

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