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This page contains a collection of somewhat disorganized tips and unsolicited advice about many aspects of participating in a KinkForAll event. They're intended to help make your experience better, and to help you make the experience of others better. Many of these tips need a more permanent home! Please help them find one. Read the EditMe and UsingTheKinkForAllWiki pages to learn how.


  • If a schedule slot is open and you feel the urge to spark some activity at a slow KinkForAll without having had prepared something in advance, it's very helpful to fill the slot by facilitating a discussion, especially about a topic you don't know much about. This gets people thinking and encourages them to participate in the event. By the same token, it's usually not a good idea to whip out a pre-canned presentation you've done many times before, especially if you've given the same presentation at previous KinkForAll events. This usually comes across as more self-promotional and less encouraging than you might have hoped.
  • If you are used to giving academic or business presentations, you may need to modify your style and pacing to the twenty minute time slots and the need for greater audience engagement. Many people have found that creating a short presentation that focuses on no more than 3 main points and runs for no longer than 10 or 15 minutes, tops, works best. You can always fill extra time with a short Q&A session if you finish early, which is a far superior situation to find yourself in than getting cut off because you ran for too long!
  • When printing promotional materials such as tear-off flyers, always prefer to use a laser printer over an inkjet one. Sadly, signs made with inkjet printers do not hold up to the elements well and are likely to fade or wash, becoming unreadable after even a light drizzle or a few days in the sun.



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