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A KinkForAll is a free gathering for anyone with the desire to learn about any topic with any relation to sexuality, or for anyone with something to contribute.


The Rules of KinkForAll


(The below shamelessly stolen from TheRulesOfBarCamp, originally by Tantek Çelik as parodied from The Rules of Fight Club.)


  1. You do talk about KinkForAll.
  2. You do blog about KinkForAll.
  3. If you want to present, you must write your topic and name in a presentation slot.
  4. Only 3 word intros at the beginning of the event.
  5. As many presentations at a time as facilities allow for.
  6. No pre-scheduled presentations, no tourists.
  7. Presentations will go on as long as they have to or until they run into another presentation slot.
  8. If this is your first time at KinkForAll, you have to present. (Okay, you don't really have to, but try to find someone to present with, or at least ask questions and be an interactive participant.)


Additional guidelines and details


These guidelines are designed to inspire a creative, interactive and open environment where participants can feel comfortable and gain valuable insight. They attempt to embody ThePrinciplesOfKinkForAll. Individual KinkForAll events may have their own guidelines that are specific to their local event but each acknowledge the core set of concepts and guidelines described on this page.


  • No spectators, only participants.
    • Attendees should give a talk or presentation, or help with one. This is called sharing and we like it. Alternatively, attendees can help by assisting with set up, clean up, or otherwise making sure things run smoothly—you are not required to talk if you don't feel like it. The point is to be interactive; this is not a tourist space.
  • All presentations are scheduled the day they happen.
    • Prepare in advance (if you want to), but come early to get a slot on the wall. The people present at the event will select the demos or presentations they want to see.
  • Street rules apply.
    • Just as if you were in any public space, you are expected to treat participants at KinkForAll in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • All participants may opt-out of being recorded.
    • It is not mandatory that anyone be recorded. Everyone is given an opportunity to wear a colored name tag in order to signal to others that they don't wish to be recorded; please do not record images or videos of people whose name tags bear this mark. However, since recording devices such as cameras are allowed (learn why) anonymity cannot be guaranteed. We trust everyone to take personal responsibility for the situations and circumstances they engage with in public spaces.
  • 20 minute presentations.
    • The time frame is strict. Presentation time-slots are purposefully a short 20 minutes in order to keep the day and the discussions moving. When you have 3 minutes remaining for your presentation, timekeepers will quickly announce the upcoming sessions in each room. Avoid using two presentation slots for a presentation that will not fit within one; that's like being on a crowded bus and putting your feet up on the seats next to you. (Read more about why presentation slots are limited to 20 minutes.)
  • Move up and move back.
    • At busy events, give one and only one presentation. You probably have mountains of valuable experience to share, but you can often do this just as successfully (if not more successfully) by being part of an engaged audience as you can by giving a presentation. Be generous and prepared to give others the floor, especially to someone who has not lead a session yet that day, or ever. That is, move up to take the floor, and move back if you hear only yourself speaking.
  • Anyone can present, on any topic related to sexuality.
    • You do not necessarily have to teach a new skill or idea. You might share an experience, facilitate a discussion, or read a poem. The goal is to start a conversation, make connections, and exchange knowledge.
  • Participation requires presence.
    • Please don't participate on behalf of others, or ask that others represent you in your absence. If you want to lead a session, come early to get a slot on the wall—don't ask others to reserve a slot for you, and don't sign up on behalf of anyone but yourself. If someone asks you to reserve a presentation slot for them, politely decline and remind them that they need to be present to participate in that way for themselves.
  • Presentations are not promotions.
    • Presentations promoting specific commercial products, organizations, or companies are discouraged. Hold a DemoCamp session/slot for folks to demonstrate specific commercial products and so on rather than take up whole slots with company pitches.
  • Recordings make history.
    • Please consider sharing any notes/slides/audio/video of your presentation by publishing them on the web for the benefit of all and those who can't attend.



See also: WhatToExpect.

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maymay said

at 2:29 pm on May 19, 2009

I added a bunch of content to the top of this page in order to capture what was created at the "Core KinkForAll Rules" page on the other site. There is now a bit more duplication within this page than I'd like, so I'm thinking of coming back through it and cleaning up redundancies while still maintaining the (obviously necessary) repetition so people will still be able to "get it" easily.

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