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The Principles of KinkForAll


On this page you'll find the essential beliefs embodied by events and unorganizers when they OrganizeALocalKinkForAll. These principles work together with TheRulesOfKinkForAll to give a full picture of the ideology KinkForAll participants usually subscribe to.


  • "All" means "everyone."

    • KinkForAll events strive to be accessible to all who wish to participate. Want to be a part of KinkForAll? Welcome! Don't want to participate? Live and let live. :)
    • "Everyone" really means everyone: KinkForAll events create a public atmosphere in their location, whether public or private venue. Absolutely nobody is turned away due to race, socioeconomic standing, age, gender identity, or any other characteristic.
  • "Kink" is an idea, not an activity, and ideas are free.
    • KinkForAll is free to participate in, attend, and promote; financial costs are 100% opt-in donations, never admissions tickets.
    • Kinky is an adjective, not an activity, so discussion and conversation is prioritized, while play and sex is not allowed.
  • Ideas are limitless.
  • History inspires progress, and recordings make history.
    • KinkForAll events strive to create a repository of media and knowledge that is useful after gatherings disperse. As such, recording is a given, and participants are encouraged to distribute media and ideas online.

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