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KinkForAll Sponsors


Sponsors are organizations that support KinkForAll events by contributing a portion of their resources to them. Sponsorship can come in many forms, both financial and otherwise, and are appreciated greatly. Sponsors are strongly encouraged to come to the events they support, meet people, and talk about their products or services if they wish. That said, KinkForAll has no keynote sessions and never guarantees an audience to anyone, including sponsors.


About sponsorship


Sponsorship is less about a monetary amount and more about mutual responsibility. As events, even relatively anarchic ones, KinkForAlls have certain responsibilities to sponsors that they don't have to donors, so a distinction must be drawn between the two.


Sponsors are defined more strictly as organizations, while donors can be anyone willing to contribute money. Typically, organizations are able to provide larger chunks of resources, while donors are often individuals with fewer bulk resources, so the distinction is also practical in this regard. However, KinkForAll defines no universal sponsorship "levels" (amounts of money or other donations that entitle sponsors to particular benefits). This is because different events held in different parts of the world are likely to have different financing needs, and because different events can recognize their sponsors in different ways.


As a result, unless an individual KinkForAll event extends this definition, sponsors are free to offer a sponsorship in the amount of their choosing. Additionally, sponsors are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process with the rest of the community to determine how their contributions are used but their status as a sponsor affords them no more weight or priority in the process than if they were not offering sponsorship.


What defines sponsorship criteria?


Sponsors are organizations recognized by entities independent of community standards. A sponsor might be:


  • A business or trade name registered with local governments.
  • An independent, not-for-profit community group whose membership actively participates in KinkForAll events.


Sponsors are expected to show documentation of such recognition to be considered for sponsorship.


How do sponsors get recognition? 


Each event has a "homepage" on this wiki web site and sponsored events have an associated "Sponsor page" that lists the sponsor organizations for that event. At a minimum, each sponsor is given a section of the event's sponsor page to place a headline, a logo, and a short tagline or motto for their product or service. The Sponsors page for an event, along with the sponsored links it contains, is never removed.


Sponsors are listed in descending sort order primarily by monetary contribution amount, and secondarily by contribution date. That is, the sponsor that contributed the most (in terms of direct financial contribution) is listed first. If two sponsors contributed the same amount, then the sponsor that contributed first is listed above the one that contributed second, who is listed above the sponsor that contributed third, and so on.


Individual events may choose to recognize sponsors in additional ways. Speak to the organizers of the event you wish to sponsor for further details.


Sponsorship responsibilities


Choosing to sponsor a KinkForAll event implies a great deal of support on behalf of the sponsoring organization with regard to the vision and purpose of KinkForAll. Therefore, it behooves event organizers and sponsors to be aware of the actions and intents of the other. Please be mindful of how you spend your money, and whose money you accept.


Sponsors should be aware that their contributions will be visible to the participants and the public. Further, sponsors should be prepared to actively maintain their section of the Sponsors page for the event they sponsor. The organizers of a KinkForAll event are not required to maintain their event's pages past the date of the event they organize, yet these pages remain online forever.


KinkForAll responsibilities


Event (un)organizers have certain responsibilities to sponsors. As an organizer, you must not accept money from sponsors whose terms you cannot meet. Financing is great, but money should be treated as a tool—an extension of what you can do yourselves—not as the primary way to make things happen unless it's absolutely necessary.


Additionally, any funding that an event is able to acquire should be made transparent and easily accessible to the public. This helps ensure autonomy and reputability, as well as accountability among all participants, including sponsors.

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