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Thanks for bringing KinkForAll to your community! Here's some information on how to get started.


What is KinkForAll?


Started by sexuality bloggers, KinkForAll was inspired by a combination of culturally-themed events including BarCamp, TED Talks, and Ignite, where people just like you gather to share ideas, inspire one another, and learn together in a fast-paced series of 20 minute talks throughout the day. (Read more about WhatToExpect.) The first KinkForAll took place in New York City in 2009 and has since spread across America with gatherings in cities from Boston to San Francisco, and interest popping up from people all over the world.


KinkForAll has 1 goal: to empower local communities to have documented conversations about the intersection of sexuality and the rest of life, and then share those conversations with the world. You can opt to present your ideas in any way you like; speech, discussion, workshop, film showing, or something else. The only requirement is that it fits in 20 minutes.


Below is all sorts of information that will help you get started. Once you've committed to run a KinkForAll in your area, let us know by emailing the community mailing list and we'll provide you with logos, more information about creating support materials, and we'll help you navigate the rest of this guide. We'll also connect you with at least one experienced unorganizer who'll mentor you through unorganizing your first unconference.


Unorganizer's Guide


Since KinkForAll is not an organization or controlled by a centralized institution, you—yes, you—can organize a KinkForAll event in your locale anytime you wish to do so. These pages are designed to help you organize a successful local event and cover everything from pre-planning through execution and post-event activities. As an unorganizer, your role is to champion ThePrinciplesOfKinkForAll at all stages of the process.


  1. Helpful things to know: UnorganizingIntroduction - An introduction to the concepts of open space, loose collaboration, YAGNI, and other KinkForAll unconference "unorganizational" principles.
  2. Before: GuideToPre-eventActivities - Discusses the details of obtaining an appropriate venue, funding sources, and other necessities. Also provides guidance on building interest along with tips to get the ball rolling.
  3. During: GuideToEventActivities - The nitty gritty of running a successful KinkForAll. Covers creating EssentialMaterials like the schedule grid, how to make sure things run on time, tips for capturing good recordings, as well as guidelines for composing opening and closing remarks.
  4. After: GuideToPost-eventActivities - You did it! Now what? Discusses how to share media online and maintain momentum for your next local KinkForAll.


Since KinkForAll is modeled after the BarCamp model, much of the advice for organizing a local BarCamp may also be helpful in your efforts. (Editors of this page are encouraged to incorporate content from other sources into this guide if they will find it helpful, as well.)


Other Guides


While the guides listed below are not for KinkForAll and so not all pieces of information apply, they do showcase how widespread, easy, and successful an "unconference" model is. Check these out to compare and contrast KinkForAll with other events. You'll certainly note some differences, as well as many similarities:



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