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One of ThePrinciplesOfKinkForAll is unrestricted access to information, and KinkForAll exists out of a motivation to freely create and share knowledge. 


Assertion of public domain information



KinkForAll is a social movement, not a company, charity, or formal organization of any kind. As such, to the extent possible under law, every KinkForAll participant has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to any and all information, files, or other data available on the KinkForAll wiki or other collaboratively shared KinkForAll resources ("KinkForAll works"), excepting sponsors' resources. This does not necessarily extend to information linked to from KinkForAll works but stored elsewhere.


Do I have to waive all rights to my work to participate?


No. You can self-publish any information you like on your own web site, blog, or media hosting account under any conditions you wish and are able to. You can then link to that media from any KinkForAll works without waiving your copyright to the work you have published elsewhere. However, any contributions you make to KinkForAll works, such as edits to this wiki, including uploading files, are immediately considered to have been contributed to the public domain. Please bear this in mind when you write or upload files, and do not import material to KinkForAll works in wholesale that you know are already protected by a copyright.

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