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Page history last edited by Nikolas Coukouma 10 years, 11 months ago

This page includes a list of useful things that KinkForAllWashingtonDC participants have that could help fulfill some of the event's stated technical and logistical needs. If you're planning to attend (or can lend the event some stuff anyway), please add your stuff and your name to the list! Please also leave contact details if you've not listed yourself on the pre-registration page.



Equipment List


Stuff that can help the event itself "go."


Electrical power


  • 2 extension cords (about 6 feet) (Emma)




  • 2 LCD projectors (James_DC)




  • 1 Netgear wireless router (should it be useful) (Emma)
  • 1 Airport Express Base Station (wireless router) - (maymay)
  • 1 length of CAT-5 ethernet cable, running about 8 feet. (maymay)


Miscellaneous Items


  • Large-ish post-its on which to write presentation topics. (maymay)
  • 5 clipboards with paper (Emma) 
  • Many many post-its (Emma) 
  • Name-tag style stickers (Emma) 
  • Box O' Pens (Emma)
  • Even more large post-its (Nikolas)
  • A bunch of permanent markers (Nikolas)
  • Blank rectangular stickers for name tags (Nikolas)
  • Foil stars for photo/privacy flagging (Nikolas)


Human needs


Stuff that can help the people at the event not stop.


  • Coffee towers (James_DC)
  • Cookies (Morgan)
  • Chips (Morgan)


Comments (5)

maymay said

at 4:18 pm on May 12, 2009

Does this need to be a table?

A list is much, much simpler for people to edit and accomplishes the same goals, doesn't it? Moreover, such lists provide better modularity with headlines and whatnot than a single monolithic table. Further, can't contact info can be cross-referenced from the list of participants on the main KFADC page at http://kinkforall.pbworks.com/KinkForAllWashingtonDC

Chris! said

at 7:17 pm on May 12, 2009

No, it doesn't. However, it should be entirely self-explanatory. We would want all this information, at minimum... and it should match our needs list exactly so we know what we do and don't have. I'm inclined to think a table would be clearer. I'm also thinking that it makes more sense to have separate pages for: registration, donations, and necessary items. It doesn't make sense to have separate pages for things we need and places where people can sign up.

maymay said

at 9:00 pm on May 12, 2009

Though I do appreciate your desire for precision, we actually don't need the inventory list to match our needs list exactly. We also won't know what we do and don't have no matter what goes onto this list. There is really not that much precision possible, and that's actually okay.

The purpose of an Inventory page is merely to offer a space where people can loosely coordinate what they will bring *before* the event, not to be a place of definite reference for logistical concerns on the day of the event.

For *that* goal, it's much more important that people can simply click the edit button, hit return, and then add a line to a list. Filling out a form-like table is a barrier that doesn't need to be here.

As for creating separate pages for registration, donations, and other items, take a look at my comment on the WashingtonDCRegistration page you created. I can agree with that to a point, but disagree that separate pages for these things are actually helpful in this instance because none of the items you are splitting are long enough or distinct enough to warrant their own page.

Chris! said

at 5:40 am on May 13, 2009

There are a couple reasons why I think this is easier. Most importantly, it means that participants don't need to flip back and forth between the pages to figure out what has already been offered. It also makes a single order of items, whereas signing up at random makes it really hard to figure out what has been offered. If we ensure that there are enough blank lines, it is really easy to just fill in new items as needed... and because it is self explanatory it is probably at least a quick as a list. Finally, it is much easier to read a table than a list. That is my logic here...

maymay said

at 3:47 pm on May 17, 2009

Chris, the "needs list" is not a list of things that have been offered. Only this Inventory list is, so participants already don't have to flip back and forth to figure out what has been offered. Moreover, I don't understand why the sign up page has anything to do with making it difficult to figure out what has been offered because, again, the only page that has anything to do with figuring that out is this one.

As mentioned, lists are much less structurally complicated, and this translates to simpler readability (no need to check column headings, for instance.). I also can't be bothered to "ensure that there are enough blank lines," and don't see the point of adding a menial job like that to a process that does not need one.

I've reverted this page back to the simpler list version as there have been no additions to inventory or needs in the five days since this was changed.

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