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This is the schedule that resulted from KinkForAll New York City 2. It's not a future plan, but rather an archive of the past day's events. Use it to browse media from presentations you may have missed.


This schedule grid is still incomplete! Please help by transliterating the information available from our digital picture into this table and then linking to the available media from a particular presentation. (See a completed example.) After it's full, you can still help by turning it into an hCalendar microformat for easier data portability!


Schedule Grid


  Room 101 Front
Room 101 Back
Room 205 Room 301
11:40 AM None. None. None. Opening Essential Communications - Sara Eileen 
12:00 PM None. Anything Adventure in Scene - ReKi Short Story Readings - Sara Eileen STIs and Scare Tactics (MP3) - Stacy
12:20 PM None. Hardware and Rigging Geekery (MP3) - Zac Sex in Mainstream Cinema - NikolasCo  Yellow Fever: Being an Asian Woman in the West (blog post) (MP3 on vimeo) - Avatar Koo
12:40 PM None. None. Essence Revealed: one woman show Re: stripping EXCERPT READING How to be an online sexuality activist (text notes) - Audacia Ray
1:00 PM Be a Better Service Top - Conrad Love Your Kinky Body - Stacy None. Japanese Bondage is Not, in Fact, Difficult (MP3) - Sebastian
1:20 PM None. None. This is Where Your Hips Are - Maja Slash Fiction: Average(?) Female Desire and the Celluloid Closet (notes and further reading) - Adrian
1:40 PM None. None. Steal This Presentation: Zen, Kink, and Gender (MP3) - Zephyr  Anonymity and Online Sex Writing (text notes) - Jack Stratton (Video Part 1; Video Part 2)
2:40 PM None. Loving Violence: The Power of Punching - Týr None. Kink and Pop Culture (and then there's "Secretary") (MP3) (blog post) - Leila/Tilda 
3:00 PM Writing What You Think is Too Fucked Up to Write About: A Participatory Exercise (You Will Write) - Sam  No One Cares About Your Blog (MP3) - Jefferson  None. Language in the Kinky Community - Seth F.
3:20 PM None. Hacking Consent (Vimeo video) (YouTube Part 1; YouTube Part 2) - Rob  None. Making the Scene A Friendly Place - Sebastian 
3:40 PM None. Discussion: Switches Unite! (MP3) - Maja Let's Talk About Sex—And People Aged 16 and Under (video) - Emma Excerpt from Essence Revealed: one woman show Re: Stripping
4:00 PM None. Beyond Black Leather; a Disussion on the Aesthetics & Realities of Kink - Zac Discussion: Kinky Things To Do With Food (.mov) - Tyler

Negotiation & Setting Boundaries: Making the Conversation Sexy (MP3) - Sascha

4:20 PM None. Out! to Family, Coworkers, and/or Friends: a Discussion (MP3) - Sebastian Omnomnom: Cookies: Eating, Health, & Your Sex Life (Discussion) - Nina How Sex Writing is Changing and What We Want to Read - Jack Stratton
4:40 PM Do We Teach in the Scene from the Wrong Point of View: Healthy vs. Unhealthy (video) - Dov Switches Unite II: Electric Boogaloo - Maja The Grammar of Sex: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Person Experiences (& 4th!) (MP3) - Zephyr Necessary Trust in Scenes - Sara Eileen
5:00 PM None. None. Spanking Scene Q&A - John Gender Angst & Kink (MP3) - NikolasCo 
5:20 PM A Psyche of Humiliation: SM & Humiliation Play - Siobhan Phoenix Submissive Men & the People Who Love Them - Eric  Post Lunch Gender Chat (video) - Emma  Confusion the Kink: Comedy in the Scene & More - ReKi
5:40 PM None. None. None. Closing Essential Communications (video) - Sara Eileen


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