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KinkForAll New York City is over, but this page and its related pages will continue to evolve.


The event was a stunning success, with over 100 participants at some points during the day and a grand total of 45 presentations. Although the event itself is over, this is just the beginning. Some things to do now are:



KinkForAll New York City - Pre-registration Signup


This is the inaugural KinkForAll event—the first one in the world. It will be held on March 8th at 10 AM to 5:30 PM in Room 310 of the LGBT Community Center at 208 West 13th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. See below on this page for directions and details.


To participate, please press the "Edit" link at the top of this page and add your name as a new row to this table. (If a blank row is not available, place your cursor in the bottom-right most cell and press TAB.) When you're done, be certain to join the mailing list and introduce yourself. If you can't participate in person, you can instead chat about this event, and watch streams from it online.

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Name (or Pseudonym)




Participation (Unorganize, Attend, Present, Help Out?)


Presentation Topic
1. Meitar "maymay" Moscovitz Profile bitetheappleback at gmail dot com (Un)organize, attend, present Using technology to enhance sexuality communities (like KinkForAlls!), how technology influences ideas of hegemonic sexuality (and vice versa), using Google to challenge obscenity, or whatever else people want to hear about. :)
2. Sara Eileen  saraeileen at gmail dot com  (Un)organize, attend, present  Being an unorganizer (why & how), blogging & writing, coming out and being out in personal and public spheres, dominant women in the scene, managing queer presentation and identity, entering a new scene, how erotic writing makes better sex.
3. Mr. Sinclair Sexsmith aspiringstud at gmail dot com unorganize, attend, present Gender theory, identity development, butch/femme identity, presentation, and dynamics, strapping on & sucking butch cock, how to fall in love without losing yourself ... and probably a bunch of other things too.
4. Boston Boy   bostonamateur at gmail dot com attend, present Tentatively available for: erotic hypnosis, grappling.  Also happy to assist other presenters.
5. Maja  squealandyelp at gmail dot com unorganize?, attend, present Status as a scene tool

Clarisse Thorn clarisse.thorn at gmail dot com 

attend, present

Famous SM scandals / legal precedents; Coming-out stories; Anti-BDSM activists and their arguments; Related practices that aren't part of the BDSM subculture
7. Jason    Pikeman at Gmail  attend, present, help out  Technical Punching and Kicking, Switching on an Instant, Switchable Thug Play, The Frugal Dom (BDSM on a Budget), Panels on relationships, poly, Coming out Curious (an Exploration of the Bi-side) 
8. Viviane viviane212 at gmail promote, attend, take photos, live Twitter, maybe present sexual privacy, blogging, social media
9. Týr  romanticrope (at) gmail attend, maybe present, help out, disorganize  punching, switching in a relationship,
10. Emily echomromeo (at) gmail attend, unorganize/help out as needed--and present! The Politicization of the Closet
11. Estra c18h24o2 at gmail Attend! I don't know if I know anything well enough to present it, but I'd love to do whatever y'all want me to (how appropriate!)! Health and safety, being new to kink in general, feelings (aww), and my own experience with gender-things and labels. If you want me to talk about something, ask and I'll tell you if I can! 
12.  Goddess Coko  attend,help out, present strap on play, intenstions of spanking 
13. Dov
attend, help out, present, disorganize and help discombobulate A limited class list: Understanding negotiation, Japanese Bondage Fundamentals, Basic Rope Bondage Workshop, , Hogties Workshop, Predicament Bondage, Bondage for punishment and pain, Beginners Signal Whips / How to Throw a Whip, Intermediate signal whip throwing, The Art of Flogging and How to Hit Hard, Knives and Pointy Things, Fun and Pain with Canes
14. Mischief la.travesura at gmail attend, present maybe?  Kink and cruelty-free lifestyles, kink ethics, aftercare and the like
15. Audacia Ray  dacia at wakingvixen dot com  help out, promote, attend, present  

How to Be a Public Sex Intellectual Without Getting Hurt (look! I made a clever title!)


16. Axe  help, attend and present (If I grow a pair and think of something)  I'm open to ideas!!  Maybe something having to do with service or how do download lots of free porn.  You know, things I'm good at! 
17. StacyCat attend, present stigma reduction, how sex positivism will change the world
18. Angel & Sebastien present, promote, attend, unorganize Some class possibilities: Ageplay and Erotic Regression, Blood Play and Venipuncture,  Fucking as Edgeplay, In Service, Knives, Needles and other Sharp, Shiny Things, Mindfuck - The Psychology of a Scene, Mortal Danger - A Fetish for Murder, Punching in the Face (and Other Places), Takedowns, Resistance Play and Kidnapping,  Top Drop, Selfcare for Dominants and Guilt, Trans Bodies and Kink
19. Janet  will attend 2009-03-08  Will observe and participate if asked. 
20. Ranat   attend, present, provide slave labor

Err, making toys out of sustainable materials?

Kink outside the box?

21. Zac  attend, help out, present  kink as ritual, hardware and hardpoints, lighting for photography 
22. Tyler profile attend, help out  
23. Aaron Blaise
blazingboots at attend, present bootblacking/ leather care. DIY leather/ fetish clothes. Super 8 filming&  queer/kinky docu-art. I'm best at leading conversations (rather than presenting). Topics of current interest included: Queer/ Radical Monogamy; Age-play & Agism; Altered Consciousnesses (Drugs, BDSM, Sex & Sanity); BDSM & Rape/ Incest Surviors.
24. Lolita Wolf lolitasir at gmail attend, present, promote, help out, take photos, shoot film, post a review a host photos and film after the event I have a class list on my website, but could also possibly do other topics as well.
25. Barbara Carrellas

barbara at urbantantra dot org attend, present, promote, help out I have a class list on my web site but I could do other topics and/or variations as well.

Gael and


  gael.just.gael (at) gmail attend, help out, disorganize  
27. Sofia Varino   socialintervention (at) gmail   promote, (dis)organize, help out

dancing, tarot readings, foot massages, osteopath

28. Naomi Dove contact at kinkyjews dot com attend, promote, present kink and sexuality in the Jewish community
29. Nickel Dakota  attend, present, help out  Producing erotic films 
30. Jack Stratton attend Unfortunately due to a family emergency I will not be able to present and maybe not even be able to attend.
31. Avah attend, possibly present, food, bring camera Sex Toys 101?
32. Nymph attend, present

nudism, shaving, masturbation workshops, polyamory ...

33. Tilda  attend, maybe present, help out  Fishnets and Furry Handcuffs: perceptions of kink in popular culture.
34. Jovan  twitter: betwixt  attend, help out  queer folks of color, queer identity, gender theory
35. Jocasta  present 

Rope Bondage, Types of rope,

Navigating your way in the scene:  the ultimate act of self-discovery.




36. Atherton Bartelby Attend, and help out  
37. Debra Hyde attend, assist, present Uncommon Illustrations:  A look at flagellation and spanking art from (not quite) rare fetish novels, pre-1950.  I'll have a projector for the presentation.
38. Marcello NYC  Attend, help out and possibly present.  Prostate Pleasure - Anatomy, Terms, Toys and Tricks. 
39. Sascha  Attent, help out, present...  Humiliation play, The submissive "no" (aka finding strength in submission)
40. Marah   kiss AT attend, present  
41. Scorpio Queen    ticklefetishist Attend, help out, spread the word   
42. Syd Attend, help out, anything that seems like fun  
43. RecursiveKink Attend, help out, spread the word  
44. Lady N. Attend/help out  


Deafdyke     Attend, help out



Mila help out

mac/network tech


47. Chelsea Leigh Attend  
48. Bear Attend, help out as possible.  
49. Calico Attend, help, present Dirty Sexy Money (why & how money is hot), Sex Work 101, beginner poly, sewing (yay sewing!)
50.  Jim Attend  
51. ammre   ammre (at) ammre (dot) org Attend, help as possible Gyn exams (maybe), demo bottom/assistant ready
52. Pyrate    Silver_Thistle at yahoo  attend, help as possible   
53.  eve  attend 


54. Zephyr zephyr (at) boundzephyr (dot) com attend, help out, unorganize, present

no title yet, but it's sorta Queer Theory; perspectives on (trans)gender, kink, and everything else, I guess you could say

55.  roman  attend, set up   
56. Rob Deary   nycrdeary at gmail attend, present Seven Piercing Disasters, And How To Avoid Them
57. zoe attend, set up, help out i can be a test dummy or model for a presentation if necessary. please email me if you would like me to assist in such a manner.
58. Yin attend, food

sending two party platters of Subway sandwiches-- one vegetarian, one meat.


59. Goddess Roze   GoddessRoze(at)aol(dot)com attend, help, present TBD
60. Mike (bostonpup)   straypup at gmail attend, help out!  
61. Brian Attend  
62. SAmber attend, help, possibly present

demo bottom/assistant. Gyn exams (maybe)

couples massage (maybe)

63. Colby   soloc11 yahoo attend, help out  
64. Boymeat attend, present, help out Class list is located on my website. Would be happy to share my kinky brains!
65. desiringsubject attend, present, help out

Instruction Scenes (101)


BDSM identities (top/bottom/switch/dom/sub.....others!)




Eroticized Inexperience

66. Jimmy attend, help out  
67.  Kristen    aspiringstud at gmail dot com  attend   
68.  Byron  attend, help out   
69. Cindy   vickery (dot) cindy (at) present, promote, attend, be generally adorable, help as needed, and will bring cookies, too, if that's a good thing (but someone needs to let me know) Polyamory 101: You CAN Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.



  polysemous1 (at) present, attend, help out

Flogging 101


Emms Attend, help out, present, set up, take down, be useful if ever I can be

Puppy play for the Flustered Human (or "Wurprise! Your lover's a Puppy! now what?"), Kink in Miniature (bits bondage, spring steel switches, and other very small toys), Deep Impact (saps and punching and why I love them best of all)

72. Lynsey attend, help out I'd like to see a class called (something like) So, You Wanna Be a Demo Bottom; however, having never been a demo bottom, I couldn't teach it. But I could do a panel sort of thing (I have loads of ideas), where folks who have bottomed and tops can answer questions.
73. Lily attend, help out  
74. Amy attend, help out  
75. Evan attend, present, help out Youth in leadership
76. Lauren Waddell attend  
77. Selina Fire attend, present writing dirty
78. Martyn Fire attend  
79.  Sully attend, help out  
80. Megan     attend, bake  
81. NYUGirl   nyugirlintown, gmail attend, help out, possibly demo bottom if friends present  
82. Cheshire contact at kinkyjews dot com attend, promote, present

kink and sexuality in the Jewish community

83.  Mark attend, help out  
84.  Jim Deuder  attend, help out, present 

The sexy side of bootblacking/leathercare


Rhythmic punching or caning, connecting with your partner, guiding them to a high intensity they didn't expect possible through reading feedback, encouragement, rhythm etc. 

85.  Michael the Artist    michaeltheartistnyc gmail attend, help out, be late (should be able to get there between 11:00 and noon), can also help with photo shoots. Can help with basic Japanese Bondage and/or teach 3-4 foundation ties, can help with Flogging 101 (how to make a deer skin hurt like a ....), can do spanking intro, Daddy/girl relationshops or marriage and the scene.
86. biyoshipatrick attend , shoot photos  
87. Jen attend, help out  
88. Nayland   attend, help out  
89. Isa   isabeau dot vidal at gmail attend, unorganize, present kink in second life
90. Amanda   xxpinkypunkyxx at gmail attend  
91. Sabrina     attend




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Needs list


Support equipment is still in the process of being organized. Currently, we have need (or want) of the items on the following list. If you are participating and/or are able and willing to lend us a hand, we'd very much appreciate it. Offer your help by sending email to the mailing list so that we can coordinate getting things done together. If you are already planning to bring things please list them on the KinkForAllNewYorkCityInventory page.



Location and Directions


We're being graciously hosted by the fine folks at the LGBT Community Center, located at 208 West 13th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues in Manhattan's West Village. Room 310 will be the primary, largest room, and we'll have 2 additional rooms to run presentations in, giving us a total of approximately fifty (50!) 20-minute presentation slots to fill the day with.


The Center is easily accessible using the following public transportation options:



Map of the area


Use the following map of the area near and around the LGBT Center to help find your way.





This event would not be possible without contributions from participants like you. There are a number of ways you can contribute—only one of them is financial. If you can make or bring any of the things on the needs list, please do so! If you can't but still want to help out, then please consider offering a monetary donation in the amount of your choosing by clicking the "Donate" button, below. Even as little as $5 goes a very long way towards helping us hold a better event.


Your donation is being routed directly to an unorganizer of this event and will be used for the event itself, its promotion, or the promotion of KinkForAll only.


Individual donors choose to contribute their time, money, efforts and/or assistance as a means of expressing their support for the ideals and goals of KinkForAll. To view a current list of individual financial donations so far, see the KinkForAll New York City financials Funding sheet.




Sponsors make our event better by donating some resources of their organization to the KinkForAll community. These are organizations you know and love, or will love if you don't already know them.