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This is the schedule that resulted from KinkForAll Boston. It's not a future plan, but rather an archive of the past day's events. Use it to browse media from presentations you may have missed. You can also export and download this schedule.


Schedule Grid


  Main Room Conference Room Nook
10:40 AM11:00 AM Opening Essential Communications - bostonpup None. None.
11:00 AM11:20 AM Chaos in Kink -  recursivekink    
11:20 AM11:40 AM   Writing Erotic Fanfiction - Adrian Assault, Battery and You - Boston Boy
11:40 AM12:00 PM

Who wants to start an independent, student run, sex-positive group - Syd

(If you are intrested in the follow up go here.)

Penetration is not Inherently Domination - Faye  
12:00 PM12:20 PM   Freeing Sexuality Information (video) - maymay Prostate Massage - Faye
12:20 PM01:20 PM LUNCH
01:20 PM01:40 PM Agency in Kink - Reki  The $6 Shackle: How To Navigate Home Depot for Budget Bondage - HotShot315  Making 'The Scene' An Inviting Space - Sebastian 
01:40 PM02:00 PM Switches Unite! Discussion - Maja  Therapy and Kink (video) - Joshua How to properly select and wear a Corset - Lady Cyanide
02:00 PM02:20 PM STDs and Condoms: Protection and Politics in the Porn Industry - Calico  Defining "Kink" (video) - Emma How to properly lace and tie a Corset - Lady Cyanide
02:20 PM02:40 PM   Quickly Constructing Corsets - Pyrate Law of Attraction: Manifesting Your (perverted) Desires (Blogger version) - Braden
02:40 PM03:00 PM   Gender Theory and Why You Should Care (video) - Rachel Elizabeth Dillon Service Top - Conrad 
03:00 PM03:20 PM Noncon 101: Intro to Consensual Nonconsent - Rob   Wonderful World of Belts - NAM  This Is Where Your Hips Are: A Movement Class for Dweebs Like Me - Maja 
03:20 PM03:40 PM   Sex Worker Q&A Panel (video) - Calico, Jo, Conrad, Sparrow Political Correctness and Your Kink (Blogger version) - Braden
03:40 PM04:00 PM Diversity Discussion from the Mailing List (see also) - Joshua and HotShot315
04:00 PM04:20 PM Books, Lit, and Bibliophilia - NikolasCo Loving Violence: The Power of Punching - Tyr 
04:20 PM04:30 PM Closing Essential Communications - bostonpup None. None.
04:30 PM05:00 PM CLEAN UP


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