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Page history last edited by bostonpup 14 years, 5 months ago

This page includes a list of useful things that KinkForAllBoston participants have that could help fulfill some of the event's stated technical and logistical needs. If you're planning to attend (or can lend the event some stuff anyway), please add your stuff and your name to the list! Please also leave contact details if you've not listed yourself on the pre-registration page.



Equipment List


Stuff that can help the event itself "go."


Electrical power


  • Two surge protector/power strips (bostonpup)




  • MacBook Pro to record audio and video with, because Macs are awesome like that. (maymay)
  • Headset with microphone for presenters who wish to record lecture-style presentations (maymay)
  • VGA-to-DVI adapters (4 of them) for those who use Macintosh computers (maymay)
  • Canon PowerShot digital camera (maymay)
  • PA, mixers, mics, cables, etc to run multiple large auditoriums if the site doesn't have any (djpet)
  • Powerbook or Eee PC, for live text coverage and possible recording (Sara)
  • Digital camera (Sara)


Computer Networking


  • Wireless router (bostonpup) (report is that we will not have a wired signal for input but in case a fully authorized source turns up)
  • Ethernet patch cabling (short wires, it's not going to be enough on its own) - (maymay)


Miscellaneous Items


  • Kensington-compatible laptop lock (maymay)
  • Clipboards with paper (heliotrope)
  • Pens in abundance  (heliotrope)
  • Plenty of post-its  (heliotrope)
  • Name tags (heliotrope)
  • Colored stickers (heliotrope)
  • Masking tape (heliotrope)
  • Large-ish easel paper to use in lieu of chalkboards (Maja)
  • Name tags and colored tags (bostonpup)
  • Door signs, welcome signs, info signs (bostonpup)


Human needs


Stuff that can help the people at the event not stop.


  • Several gallons of water + cups (bostonpup)
  • Small quantity of general munchables (wolfprincess)
  • Smiles. :) 


Comments (1)

hotshot315 said

at 4:03 pm on Sep 10, 2009

If a data projector is still needed, please e-mail me at hot_shot_315 yahoo. I might be able to get one.

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