Thank you and followups!


KinkForAll Boston is over, but this page and its related pages will continue to evolve.


Although the unconference itself is now over, this is just the beginning. Some things to do now are:



UPDATE: Back-up Venue Confirmed: We are ON for this Saturday at Boston University


Our original venue, the University of Massachusetts Boston, is no longer able to host KinkForAll Boston, but thanks to your help and the fantastic support of other students, we've confirmed a back-up venue, Boston University, centrally located within Boston.


All event information confirmed; see you at 10:30 AM on Saturday — Thank you all so much!


We will have a KinkForAll event on Saturday in Boston as (almost) originally planned. Thank you all again for your amazing outpouring of support and quick action to make this possible.


Welcome to the main page for KinkForAll Boston, a free sexuality education unconference being held on September 12th at 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the George Sherman Union building of Boston University at 775 Commonwealth Avenue. See location details and directions. You can also watch live streams come in as-it-happens.



Getting involved in KinkForAll Boston is as easy as:


  1. signing up in the table below,
  2. reaching out to your friends and allies in other communities and telling them about KinkForAll Boston (here's a flyer we made),
  3. showing up! (Add KinkForAll Boston to your calendar.)


Pre-registration Signup


To participate, press the "Edit" link at the top of this page and add your name in a new row to this table. (If a blank row is not available, place your cursor in the bottom-right most cell and press TAB. Watch this 2 minute video for more guidance about how to sign up.) When you're done, be certain to join the mailing list and introduce yourself.


No. Name (or Pseudonym) Homepage/URL Email Participation (Unorganize, Attend, Present, Help Out?) Presentation Topic
#. Your name goes here. Choose one or more of: Unorganize, attend, present, help out Your presentation topic goes here.
1. Mike (bostonpup) bostonpup unorganize, attend, present?, help out.  Petplay.  The Diversity (and overlap) of Headspaces in Kink.  Interested in collaborating on a basic first aid class.  Something on law and kink/alternative sexualities in Massachussetts.
2.  Meitar "maymay" Moscovitz  bitetheappleback AT gmail  attend, present?, support unorganizers  "The Internet, Porn, Minors & You" - Making sexuality safe and accessible to adolescent and other young adults, "Using Google to Challenge Obscenity Law" - How freedom of sexuality information changed the world and the law.
3. Miette mietteloaf at gmail attend, support, maybe unorganize, maybe present Not sure. Possibly something on mental health and kink, or poly and kink
4.  Trish trishkitten at gmail attend, support, unorganize, present I'd love to talk theory; I'll update this space as I think about things.
6. Calico
misscalico at gmail attend, unorganize, present TBD - probably some aspect of sex work, feminism & activism
7. ironrose   ironrose013, gmail attend, present, stuff? TBD - brain too full
8.  djpet (Jim)


jim at getdjpet dot com  attend, support, organize, present 

Music in the scene.   Personal Style and how to shop/pack for an event.


I can also provide mics, PA, etc for the event as well as organizing some kind of dance/club night afterwards.  I also can do the art package and get ad cards  



Pyrate   Silver_thistle at yahoo dot com Present, attend

Making Corsets or something of the sort

10. Sara Eileen Present, support, unorganize if necessary Gender performance in fashion design
11. Jailbait   jailbait//gmail/com attend, present?, stuff. Not a clue at this point.
12. Kero ? stuff not a clue
13. Maria    
Attend, bake cookies and cupcakes for event  
14. Jeanne attend, help out  
15. Sebastian Attend, Present?, etc I'll figure something out
16. Syd Attend, help out however I can  
17. DesmondRavenstone  Attend, present  Spirituality and religion; building alliances with vanilla communities 
18.  MacIntire Attend, Unorganize  
20.  Master Adam  Attend, ?present?  Kink and the law 
21. Bitsy darthbitsy yahoo

Attend, Help out, ?present

Maybe something to do with poly.  I'll work on it...
22. Nine Waters (Joshua) ninewaters at Attend, get the word out, help out, proabably present

Don't know for sure yet, but maybe something on the intersection of therapy and kink/poly/alternative lifestyles

23. Paula Attend, support  
24. Emma  Attend, unorganize, present,  "Purity is Poison: Why the Kink Scene is Not Invited to My Birthday Party" 
25. Týr Attend, support, present

Loving Violence - The Power of Punching

perhaps something else too

26. PB  fierce[no space]kali at aol  attend, listen, present  waiting for an inspiration 
27. Nikolas Coukouma attend, present TBD
29. Adrian IsaacSapphire at gmail (dot) com Attend, listen, present Writing erotic fanfiction
30. Colleen colleen.dinn (at) gmail (dot) com Attend, support, present TBD
31. Maja  Attend, present, help out  Switches' Discussion, This Is Where Your Hips Are
32. Ben  attend, present, help out  erotic hypnosis, bdsm and the law, or grappling and kink 
33. Zac   zacmakes at gmail Attend, present, help out Sex Tools
34. MistressA MistressA77  Attend, Help Out    
36. RecursiveKink recursivekink (at) Attend, Help Out, Present Kink & Agency
37. Nomnomdom - nomnomdom nycrdeary gmail Attend, Present Hacking Consent
38. Princess Kali Attend, Present, Help Promote "Erotic Embarrassment Play" and maybe "Long Distance Kink' "
39. Lady Cyanide Attend, Help Promote, Present "How to properly choose and wear a Corset"
40. Puck     Attend, Help out, Present (maybe) Taking Pains: preparing for a scene
41. HotShot315 hot_shot_315 yahoo Attend, Present, help set up? Chain Me to the Wall:  How to get the cool medieval gear you want from Home Depot at 1/20 the price of a sex shop
42. Shiranya Shankar - Attend, Help out I'll listen intently and then go home and apply - while helping however I can!
43.  Mistress Sly  Attend  whatever you need. 
45. Rachel Attend, listen, present Why Gender Theory Matters To Your Sex Life
46. Mz. Aida Manduley

supersonic (dot) vitamin (at) gmail (dot) com Attend, help out  
47.  Morgen     Attend, Help out, Possibly present Making scary toys out of somewhat less scary materials.

     -- Add your name above this line. --


Additional (optional) places to make your interest known



Needs list


Support equipment is still in the process of being organized. Currently, we have need (or want) of the items on the following list. If you can provide something and are able to make it available for others to use as well, add it to the KinkForAllBostonInventory lists. If you are bringing something from the list below, remove that item from the needs list, as well.



Location and Directions


Thanks to the amazing crunch-time work of many university students, KinkForAll Boston has a green light to go ahead. We're being graciously hosted by the fine folks at Boston University, located at 775 Commonwealth Avenue. We will be located in the lower level of the George Sherman Union at the Women's' Resource Center and we will have at least 2 rooms of varying size, as well as a very small rooms that may become designated social space(s). The stairs on the outside of the building (rather then the attractive main entrance) are the best way to enter.  If you are looking at the cammus map, these stairs are located in the center of building 11.


Boston University is on the "B" branch of the Green Line, but is walkable from Kenmore Square, or you could take the 57 bus from Kenmore so you can take the "C" or "D" branch to that stop.  It is also on the 57, 47 and CT2 bus routes. It is walkable via the BU Bridge from parts of MIT, which also runs a shuttle. Here's a printable PDF of directions to the Charles River Campus.




Nearby on-campus parking is available in Lot H, but is not free (without a BU parking permit), and is only available until 1 PM. There is also limited street parking.


Public transportation


Public transportation to Boston University's GSU Building is simple.



On a MBTA Bus:


  1. Take the 57, 47, or CT2 bus route to Boston University Central station, or
  2. Take either the 8, 60, 65, or 8A bus routes to Kenmore Square.
  3. Walk Westward on Commonwealth Avenue to the Boston University George Sherman Union Building (775 Commonwealth). Here are Google Maps walking directions.


From the Red Line:


  1. Take the Red Line train to Park Street.
  2. Transfer to the outbound Green Line. 


From the Blue Line:


  1. Take the Blue Line train to Government Center.
  2. Transfer to the outbound (or Westbound) Green Line train.


From the Orange Line:


  1. Take the Orange Line train to Downtown Crossing.
  2. Follow the underground concourse to the Park Street station on the Green Line.
  3. Board the outbound Green Line train.


From the Green Line:



Map of the area



View Larger Map or Larger Campus Map