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The gist is this: participants must give a talk or presentation, help with one, or otherwise contribute in some way. This is called sharing and we like it. Read TheRulesOfKinkForAll.




To inspire a creative, interactive and open environment where everyone feels comfortable discussing, learning about, and discovering the intersections of all kinds of sexuality with the rest of life. Read the FrequentlyAskedQuestions.




  • Casual clothes
  • Your laptop computer (if you have one and think it would be helpful for you)
  • An open mind


Learn more about WhatToExpect at a KinkForAll unconference.




Check out the FrontPage for a list of all upcoming KinkForAll events. Don't see one listed for your area? Maybe it's time you OrganizeALocalKinkForAll!




KinkForAll is a participant-driven event. All coordination occurs out in the open, in public and transparent places such as our mailing list and this wiki. There are no practical distinctions between attendees, organizers, presenters, volunteers, or anyone else. Everyone contributes in whatever way they desire and are able to in accordance with ThePrinciplesOfKinkForAll.


Read more about HowToParticipate.




Everyone. No, really. 


KinkForAll is a free event open to the public featuring conversations about sexuality. If you feel comfortable, or if you want to feel comfortable, being yourself in a public space then this event is for you.


KinkForAll’s theme is the convergence of sexuality and the rest of life, and participants from an astounding range of disciplines and interests come together to discuss the intersection of sexuality with their own passions at local events. People who have participated in KinkForAll events in the past have included folks of all descriptions. Here are some of our pictures.


Opt-in group photo at the end of KinkForAll San FranciscoMayMay & Sara Eileen Lolita Wolf and Barbara Carrellas DSCN1959 Participants stand for a solo exercise at KinkForAll Washington DC Rachel giving a talk at KinkForAll Providence Aida and friends sitting in on presentations at KinkForAll Providence DSCN3754 Emma at KinkForAll Providence KinkForAll Boston: diversity discussion KinkForAll Boston opening communications P1020810


Comments (2)

maymay said

at 7:05 pm on Dec 5, 2009

Is this explicit list of "Who" participates in KinkForAll really necessary? Any list strikes me as either overly long or woefully incomplete, or both! Maybe we should just remove it?

maymay said

at 7:12 pm on Jan 21, 2010

Hearing no comments about this, I've gone ahead and replaced the list of labels with photos of people at previous events. I think this is much more personable, and much less definitionally exclusionary.

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