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Although the vast majority of resources needed for a KinkForAll event are best obtained by participants themselves, sometimes money is simply required. To crib from a famous marketing slogan, "Some things contributions can't do. For everything else, there's fundraising." This page addresses all issues related to funding a KinkForAll event, including advice on determining what does or does not need money in the first place (hint: fewer things than you think!), how to practically acquire money when you do need it, and how to make sure the process you use to fund your event remains 100% transparent to the public.


Always remember:


Money is a resource of last resort.


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When not to ask for money


As KinkForAll events are 100% free, do not ask for any monetary contributions, donations or otherwise, to help financially support KinkForAll efforts until the end of the event. Asking for donations or placing a donation box at the entrance may make some people uncomfortable; how do you feel when you buy a ticket at a museum that has a "suggested donation"? We provide value first, and people choose for themselves how they wish to contribute to the event and to the community.


How to obtain financial contributions


Although KinkForAll events can be astonishingly low-cost, sometimes the reality is that we just need a bit of cash to grease the wheels, if you will. That's when getting financial contributions might need to happen. Remember that since KinkForAll events must never charge for participation (with mechanisms such as with attendance tickets), all funding needs to happen in other ways.


Getting Donations


One of the most direct ways to get financial contributions is to ask for donations.


Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you with a fundraising campaign:


  • When asking for donations, highlight a benefit of donating, such as "Help the spread of free sex education," not an or-else, threat, or fear, "If you don't donate, we can't make this happen!"


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Convincing Sponsors


As our Sponsors page says, financing is great, but money should be treated as a tool—an extension of what you can do yourselves—not as the primary way to make things happen unless it's absolutely necessary.




Making finances publicly transparent




How do you ensure that all of your finances are 100% transparent to the public?


Using Google Spreadsheets seems the simplest solution to this problem and has proven effective in the past. It also provides many value-added services, such as multiple ways for people to be kept up-to-date on the contributions, including RSS feeds.


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