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Where did the name KinkForAll come from?


The name KinkForAll came from the phrase "free for all," which implies a sense of spontaneity and loose organization. Taken literally, the phrase also means "free for everyone" and KinkForAll is intended to be a free, public event. (Again, it's an unconference.) Additionally, the word "free" in the origin phrase not only means for zero price (free as in beer) but also libre, that is, free as in freedom. Freedom of sexuality information, in general, is one of KinkForAll's goals.


Why 'kink'?


The words "kink" or "kinky" are ambiguous, lending themselves to an inclusive and open environment. They also specifically refer to non-mainstream, unconventional or unusual sexuality. As sexuality is often discussed in highly eroticized or specific contexts in places other than KinkForAll, we feel that these two characteristics of the word 'kink' make it ideally representative of the goal of "inspiring conversations about the intersection of sexuality with the rest of life."


Since some people reflexively associate "kink" with specific ideas (but not necessarily the same ideas), here are various definitions of the word from several sources:



Again, KinkForAll is about the convergence of sexuality with the rest of life. If you find discussions about sexuality that converge with any other area of human experience "unconventional," then KinkForAll is you, regardless of any preconceptions you may have about what "kink" means.


Is there any specific sexuality focus at KinkForAll?


No. Or, more precisely, this completely depends on the makeup of the individuals who participate in a KinkForAll. Despite having "Kink" in the name, a KinkForAll is not limited to topics of "kinky sex." All subjects related to any form of sexual awareness are encouraged. The term "kink" is simply a recognizable and far-reaching term that is explicitly inclusive of non-mainstream sexuality topics. (The name SexForAll was originally considered, but ultimately rejected since it lacked this non-mainstream connotation.)


Knowing this, let us restate the description of KinkForAll:


KinkForAll is an ad-hoc gathering on sexuality for anyone and everyone, drawing participants from as wide a range as possible of both sexuality-related and other communities.  Anyone with the desire to learn in an open environment or with something to contribute is welcome and invited to participate.


Further, sex-specific topics are not the only ones you are encouraged to discuss at KinkForAll. Sex and sexuality is a huge part of all our lives, and it is relevant in discussions on many aspects of social interaction, commerce, emotional intelligence, personal development and physical growth, psychology, and many more topics. Each of these topics and all the other areas of life where sexuality has an impact on our lives are topics that we encourage you to talk about at KinkForAll. Again, all topics that have relevance to any form of sexual awareness are desired.


That said, you're more than welcome to take the idea of KinkForAll and run with it, turning it into something else. For example, if you want to run a KinkForAll-style unconference that is all about polyamory, then consider inventing a concept like a PolyForAll.


It says I have to participate to attend. What does that entail?


Participation in KinkForAll is largely what you make it. Please don't stay away because you don't know how to participate!


Participation can mean keeping time or helping to greet and orient people at the event itself (show them where the schedule grid, bathrooms, and other things are), putting up signs during setup, giving a presentation or leading a discussion, bringing food or water to share, or simply helping to clean up at the end of the day. The only thing that you can't do is show up, listen without conversing with participants, and refuse to help when everyone else is pitching in. So long as you are willing to lend a hand and speak with some other people, you'll be participating just fine.


There's always plenty to do and talk about; read more about HowToParticipate.


Why are presentation slots limited to 20 minutes?


There are lots of reasons why presentations are limited to 20 minutes: 


  • KinkForAll starts conversations that never end. 
    • It's impossible for any presenter to cover all aspects or angles of their chosen topic in 20 minutes. This is a good thing; rather than hearing everything there is to say, interested participants are forced to connect with others after the event.
    • This "intellectual buffet" boosts interest in other, larger conferences, as well as local workshops. (KinkForAll doesn't cannibalize professional educators' business or local group attendance, it actually supports them.)
  • 20 minutes is longer than many presenters think, and shorter than many participants think.
    • If you're an experienced educator used to leading workshops, 20 minutes can sound "too short." But if you think about how you're going to present the juiciest information you have, you'll have plenty of time.
    • If you're feeling timid, remember that if you've ever talked to a friend about something for 20 minutes, filling a 20 minute time slot only takes a couple back-and-forth exchanges; that's all you need to do to lead a KinkForAll session. 


Perhaps the most important one is to keep the presentations short and sweet. A strictly limited timeframe encourages the people leading a session to say what they mean, and to say it relatively quickly. It encourages people who have never given a presentation before to do so, since there isn't that much time to fill. (If you've ever talked to a friend about a single sexuality topic for at least twenty minutes, and we know you have, you are qualified to present on that topic at KinkForAll.) This is beneficial for participants on both sides of the room.


Another reason is to keep the discussions during the day moving forward. In any group, some people will be more interested in a particular topic than others. Those who wish to dive deeper into something they saw or heard about are welcome to do so in a social area during the event or after it on their own time. Part of the point of attending a KinkForAll is to make connections and relationships that can flourish outside of a KinkForAll.


Additionally, as resources such as space and time are limited, a purposefully short timeframe enables us to run more presentations in less time. Twenty minutes fits neatly into an hour, so there are at least three presentations every hour during the course of a KinkForAll. If multiple presentation rooms are running simultaneously, we have even more. We told you it was going to be intense. ;)


Finally, strictly enforcing a 20 minute time limit on presentations discourages people from getting into the mindset that extended demos are possible. A KinkForAll is not the place to run a rope bondage workshop or a deep tantric meditation, for example. Those activities are simply too involved to squeeze into twenty minutes with a room full of participants.


This limitation is intentional; there are many places where you can go to learn the finer points of any particular skill in a hands-on workshop, and we encourage you to go to them if such things interest you. At a KinkForAll, however, you're more likely to get the taste of something like rope bondage or tantric meditation, rather than experience (often very long) workshops full-on. And because presentations are short, you're going to be getting the taste of lots of things! That's the point.


Will sex be allowed at KinkForAll events?


No. KinkForAll is not a sexualized event. KinkForAll is an educational setting for discussion, networking, making connections, and learning of all sorts.  While we will discuss sex, the unconference is not a sexualized space.  If you wish, you are welcome to organize public or private parties or other events during the night time to coincide with a local KinkForAll event in your area, but sexual activity is not welcome during the KinkForAll unconference. To put it another way, KinkForAll is about talking with one another, not playing with one another.


Why is the presence of cameras and recording devices encouraged?


KinkForAll is a public event; participants need no money and no formal registration to attend. Further, what happens at KinkForAll is not sick, wrong, or bad in any way. The goal of every KinkForAll event is to disseminate sexuality information, increase participant's awareness of sexuality issues, nurture healthy, sex-positive attitudes about life and relationships, and socialize, see friends, and make new ones. None of this needs to be hidden from public view. Moreover, sharing it with those who are interested can be beneficial for everyone.


To make this sharing possible, recording devices are encouraged. As TheRulesOfKinkForAll state:


Attendees are given the opportunity to signal to others that they do not wish to be photographed with a specially colored name tag.  However, since recording devices such as cameras are allowed anonymity cannot be guaranteed.  We rely on participants to obey these rules and empower them to help ensure that others do as well.


We fully understand that in our society, for some people even the possibility of their identity being revealed will prevent them from attending.  Should that change in the future, we would love to have you attend a KinkForAll event.  In the mean time, you may still be able participate in a KinkForAll event if the unorganizers have provided provisions for other types of interaction, such as an online chat room or on Twitter.


For further information on why this approach to media had been taken, you can read an early thread on the discussion of this issue.


Are minors permitted to participate?


Yes. One of ThePrinciplesOfKinkForAll is accessibility to all interested persons. We make no limitations and impose no restrictions on who may participate at KinkForAll unconferences according to anyone's notion of "appropriateness" for others, including young people. Remember, events are educational in nature, must obey all local laws, and erotic sexual activity among participants is not allowed (see above).


If you would like to OrganizeALocalKinkForAll in your area, you are encouraged to seek a public venue that guarantees the rights of everyone in your community to participate equally. Some venues restrict the access of certain groups of people, such as disabled people or young people, and while KinkForAll unorganizers and participants are legally obligated to obey all venue contract rules, such restrictive venues are neither the best nor the only options for holding a KinkForAll unconference. For more advice about venue choices and considerations, see the Venue page.


What is the difference between becoming a sponsor or a donor?


Sponsorship is less about a monetary amount and more about mutual responsibility. As events, even relatively anarchic ones, KinkForAlls have certain responsibilities to sponsors that they don't have to donors, so a distinction must be drawn between the two.


Sponsors are strictly defined as organizations, while donors can be anyone willing to contribute money. This requires individuals wishing to sponsor an event to do the prerequisite work needed to formalize some sort of organization, such as a company, non-profit group, registered brand, or to find and/or speak on behalf of such an organization. Again, this prerequisite helps ensure mutual responsibility and accountability.


Both sponsors and donors receive recognition with a link. Sponsors receive recognition on an event's Sponsors page, while donors receive recognition (if they desire it) through the fact that KinkForAll finances are expected to be transparent to the public. A donor's link is provided on the Funding spreadsheet that the event's organizers (should) make public and link to from the donors/donate section of the event's homepage.


Learn more about sponsoring KinkForAll.


How often do KinkForAll events happen? Annually? Monthly?


As KinkForAll is an ad-hoc event, there is no set schedule for when it happens. The events occur as often as people make them happen, no more and no less. Dates for a KinkForAll are set purely by the initiative of the people who help unorganize it.


Don't feel left out if you've "just missed" a KinkForAll in your area. Instead, help make the next one happen sooner! The best way to start doing that is by joining and participating in the public mailing list, where all organizational efforts are coordinated. You can also read how to OrganizeALocalKinkForAll.


A list of upcoming KinkForAlls is maintained on the FrontPage. You can also subscribe to a list of upcoming KinkForAll events as a calendar feed from a link in the sidebar of this wiki.


If KinkForAll is based on BarCamp, why isn't it called KinkCamp?


Even though KinkForAll is inspired by BarCamp, the word "camp" in sexuality circles is already overloaded with connotations of a particular sort of event. KinkForAll is an unconference, not a play event, and we want to avoid any confusion between the two. That said, if you're already familiar with the *Camp idea, you can access this site by going to KinkCamp.org. ;)




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maymay said

at 6:58 pm on Sep 28, 2009

Ironrose, why did you remove the phrase "in an open environment" from the description of what a KinkForAll is? This edit is shown at: http://kinkforall.pbworks.com/sdiff.php?first=FrequentlyAskedQuestions.2009-09-29-01-54-03&second=FrequentlyAskedQuestions.2009-09-27-22-56-58

Do you see KinkForAll as an environment that is not open?

ironrose said

at 7:27 pm on Sep 28, 2009

I just copied the statement about KfA from the original page - feel free to put that back in, just add it to the main page too, please!

(My goal was to get rid of the "kinky, queer" focus in the original statement, and then I realized that if it is supposed to be "restating the description" then it should be the same statement that we have on the main page.)

ironrose said

at 7:31 pm on Sep 28, 2009

(I mean, I'm not trying to *unwelcome* kinky/queer people. I was trying to finally get around to fixing bits of the webpage which seems to be aimed particularly at a bdsm audience instead of being more generally welcoming. Augh. Words. Do our comments _have_ to stay here forever?)

maymay said

at 1:23 am on Sep 29, 2009

Ah, okay. I'm going to add that back in, then. Also, no, our comments don't have to stay here forever. These wiki page comments are temporary places for *brief* discussion of wiki page edits and related changes. Once a conclusion about a particular change is reached, it should be folded into the wiki page itself, as per the instructions on the EditMe page: http://kinkforall.pbworks.com/EditMe which reads "Incorporate valuable comments into a page's text and/or remove obsolete or irrelevant comments."

:) Thanks for clarifying. I like the changes you've been making. I'd like to see these comments stay for a little while after I add the "open environment" phrase back in just to let people see this short discussion. After a week or so, I think it'd be safe to delete these comments. What do you think?

ironrose said

at 5:28 am on Sep 29, 2009

Yeah, that sounds good. I don't know how to delete comments.

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